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Please welcome JOG THE WEB’s new default Avatar.  Wizard of Jog – it’s its name – will be featured on JOG THE WEB as your Avatar until you choose to share with us your pretty own image.

Happy jogging

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Thanks for your patience all.  We finally managed to get it out our labs…


We are very excited about this new editor and we hope that you’ll like it as much as we do.

Creating Jogs has never been easier (at least for those who do not know about our plugins).  Of course this is just the initial release.  The editor will get loaded with cool new features during the next few weeks.

We are looking forward to get your comments and feedback.  Suggestions are most welcome too!

Happy jogging,


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Hi I just found this tutorial on the web.

Thank you to Andrea Tejedor for your contribution.

If anyone want’s to contribute, it’s great.

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To start 2010 on the right foot, we will be launching one of the most awaited JOG THE WEB update: our new Jog editor.
Entirely remasterized, our new editor will allow you to create and modify your jogs at the speed of light. It includes:

  • Pure HTML style editor
  • Allows Jogs to be set to private
  • Jog Smart preview panel

All of that before the end of the week.
Stay tuned,
The JOG THE WEB team

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Don’t years just seem to jog by…

But this year will be a special year for Jog The Web as you should notice in the coming weeks.
We wish you all a scrumptious new year with just so many new exciting things to bite into.

Take care,
The Jog The Web team

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Dear JOG THE WEB users,

Today we have rolled out a few new pages on our website. Unless you dig the site very hard, you should not find any pages featuring our last look and feel.

All but ONE! For those of you who like to play games, try finding out WHAT page was left out by our dev team. We have great minds working in our DEV department but still they are humans. I believe they got distracted, or they just wanted to keep one page purple, as a souvenir…

Coming up next, a brand new Jog editor. Stay tuned!

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With the help of some cool people from getsatisfaction.com we managed to launch our new JOG THE WEB support site.

If you ever wonder how in the world you could:

  • leave us feedbacks
  • ask us questions
  • request us new functionalities

Well here is the answer:


Looking forward to meet you there…

Happy jogging,

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During the next few days you will see JOG THE WEB going through a complete make over.

New colors, new style, new editor, new reader and of course some new functionalities.

By the end of this month all of our website pages will have gone through this make over.  In the meantime, you will see pages getting revamped and some new cool stuff be launched.

We are very looking forward for your feedback and hope to help you make the most out of JOG THE WEB.

Happy jogging,

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You have been many to ask for it and today it has become a reality.

Our new blog is now LIVE and the whole JOG THE WEB team is very proud of it.

It’s  never been easier for you to keep informed of what’s new and what’s coming up with your preferred tool.

So make sure to come back here often to see what’s hot.

Happy jogging all!

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